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Gan-Rovet Animal Hospital was established by Dr. Gani Enahoro in 1986 and has consistently renders veterinary services with in-house installed facilities to meet the standards for pet animals and with new sections for poultry and fishery. Dr. Gani Enahoro and team has a high professional reputation across the length and breadth of Nigeria and beyond with contractual obligations perfectly executed with multinational institutions particularly in the international oil companies (IOC) sector. Gan-Rovet Pet shop is also housed in a section of the hospital structure and managed by trained store-keepers. We are stockists of all varieties of pet products and dog foods, including veterinary medicines


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Quality health care is what we promise.

We have a team of dedicated staff, highly trained to provide intensive care units for outpatients and hospitalized patients. Our boarding facilities are very decent, comfortable, and spacious, with twenty adult-dog capacity kennels. There is a separate isolation pen for pets with contagious diseases, located in safe distance away from the kennels that are fitted with wide underground drainage pipes that opens into a dedicated soak-away pit. The entrance to the purpose built hospital has a waiting area for dogs and their owners, separate from the reception, that has an entry and exit routes into the treatment rooms. We have a card room for filing our records in shelves, apart from the computerized hospital system that is maintained in a reliable server. There is a well-established diagnostic laboratory and theatre for surgeries.



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